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Hal Daniel hat am 14.01.2018 16:09:37 geschrieben :

Awesome site! I am a 22 year veteran with the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office in Georgia and must say, you have an incredible collection. I see 2-3 patches I would love to have, unfotunately I do not see them on your trade list. I am trying to complete a collection of every "Cherokee" agency in the US and only need a few more. I am on several of the FB patch sites and am constantly looking, but any help would be much appreciated. Have a great day and God bless!

Keith Cowart hat am 23.12.2017 23:13:11 geschrieben :

Awesome page!!
So many awesome and really cool patches.  Thank you for sharing.

Chief Deputy Sheriff. Terrel Jamett Clark hat am 01.08.2017 10:22:24 geschrieben :

Super nice collection.   Hope we can meet up.   Terry in Villach Austria.   NOW.         USA home is Raymore Cass County Missouri 

Klaus Wellhausen hat am 07.07.2017 08:01:24 geschrieben :

Congratulations & Respect
Servus Babs,
ich habe mir gerade  eben mal Deine Sammlung ausgiebig angeschaut.....Gratulation & Respekt .....sehr schöne Sammlung.
Ich wünsche Dir weiterhin viel Erfolg ....


M.Islam hat am 04.03.2017 14:15:34 geschrieben :

Collector from Bangladesh
Hello, I am from Bangladesh. I collect Bank notes & Bi metal coins. I can offer all collectible item from my country and other countries. plz. mail me ( Regards,

juan antonio hat am 14.01.2017 00:08:32 geschrieben :

Exchange of patches
 Hi My name is Juan Antonio Bernal and I am firefighter in Murcia a province of Spain.I'd like to Exchange fire patches with you.If you are interested this is my

Matthew Frey hat am 09.07.2016 22:18:22 geschrieben :

patch info
Hello Barb,  I have traded with you in the past and I am included on your "good traders" list.  I can't find anywhere on the website to contact you directly / send you an email.  You should consider adding something that is easy to find so others can get in touch with you.  Can you please respond to this, so I will have your email address?  I have some info on a few patches that I saw in your galleries.



Nate (Homepage) hat am 11.05.2015 06:06:27 geschrieben :

Great Site!
What a great site! I really enjoyed looking through everything that you have. I have about 400 patches right now and its constantly growing. Check out my collection here: There is a variety of stuff in there but mostly Federal, Wisconsin, and Game Warden patches. When I started collecting I bought anything and everything but I've stopped doing that. So that's why there are some random patches in there from Florida, New York, etc. Now I just collect Federal, Wisconsin, Game Warden, Arizona DPS, and Alaska State Trooper patches

Katie hat am 06.03.2014 05:03:26 geschrieben :

Excellent site!
Thank you for such a wonderful site and for sharing your collection!
I did have some trouble contacting you via the Contact link - it seems that my selection for the white box was not accepted. I would be very interested in participating in 1-for-1 patch trades.

Jason Spears hat am 29.10.2013 06:40:38 geschrieben :

Thanks for showing us your collection and letting us know who good and bad traders are! I've started my collection but it's a really small one at the moment. Only 15 patches so far. I'm from Erath County, Texas and that's what brought me here. Seeing that patch which is now outdated. I don't have one but I can might find a picture of the new one.

Anyway, thanks again for taking the time to show us your wonderful collection!

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