Unknown Co. Sheriff patches - NOT FOR TRADE OR SALE!

#### H E L P ####

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Douglas Co. Sheriffs Dept. - unkown state

Fulton Co. Sheriffs Posse - unkown state

Hardin Co. Sheriffs Office - unkown state

Lee Co. Sheriff - SWAT - hat patch - unkown state

MCCA Sheriff Dept. - unknown state/county

Mitchell Co. Sheriffs Dept. - bp - unknown state

Monroe Co. Sheriffs Dept.

Morgan Co. Sheriffs Office - unkown

Saline Co. Sheriffs Dept. - Air Deputy - FANTASY PATCH ? Any info about that patch?

Sheriff Patrol Aux. - unkown State and County

Sheriffs Dept. - Jail Warden - unkown State and County

SERT - unknown state / county

Simpson Co. Sheriffs Dept.

Taylor Co. Sheriffs Posse

unkown U.S. state and county

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