civil war scenery & CSA flags



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Appomattox K9 - VA

Cumberland Twp. Police - PA

Double Springs Police - AL - Double Springs is home to a statue of a Civil War soldier, portrayed as half Union and half Confederate. The symbolism is apparent, representing a weary, war-torn individual, struggling internally against splits in homes, family, county, state, and country.

Fairfax Police - VA - The person on the left represents the Confederate soldier Capt. John Quincey Marr, who was the first combat death in the battle of Fairfax Courthouse during the Civil War.

Fitzgerald Marshal - GA

Fitzgerald Police - GA

Fort Payne Police - AL

Franklin Police - NC

Franklin Police - NC

Galena - IL

Galena Police - MO

Gettysburg Police - SD

Hokes Bluff - AR

Iron Co. Sheriffs Dept. - MO

Iron Co. Sheriffs Office - MO

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