Ohio Co. Sheriff Patches - NOT FOR TRADE OR SALE!

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Ohio Deputy Sheriff - Dog Warden - new condition - Dog Warden serves the community by protecting the health, safety and welfare of animals. Deputy Dog Wardens are primarily responsible for pet issues and dog law enforcement. They are also certified animal control officers. In their role they respond to calls about dog abuse, abandonment or neglect, as well as dogs running at large or other dog law violations. As Humane Officers, the deputies assist local law enforcement with injured or neglected animals.

Ohio Deputy Sheriff - Emergency Medical Dispatch - new condition - The EMD can quickly narrow down the nature of the caller's medical or trauma situation to better dispatch emergency services and provide high-quality instructions to the caller before help arrives.

Ohio Sheriff - Explorer - new condition - The Explorer Program is a program that gives young adults the opportunity to explore a career in law enforcement by working with local law enforcement agencies.

Ohio Co. Corrections - FTO - new condition - A Field Training Officer is an experienced or senior member of the sheriff's office who is responsible for training and evaluating a junior or probationary member.

Ohio Sheriff Honor Guard - new condition - The Honor Guard represents the sheriff's office at parades, ceremonies and special events.

Ohio Deputy Sheriff - Honor Guard - new conditon - This unit is used at ceremonial sheriff's office events and is also in demand for other important community events and parades. They carry the U.S. flag, the Ohio flag and the Sheriff's Office flag.

Ohio Deputy Sheriff - Honor Guard - new conditon

Ohio Housing Deputy - Housing Unit Deputy - Correctional Officer - new condition - The primary duties of a Housing Deputy include preserving and protecting life and property, preventing crime and escape, and maintaining the security of the Mahoning County Jail.

Ohio Sheriff - K-9 - new condition - The K-9 Unit is used in law enforcement and corrections duties. The dogs are specifically trained and in some cases cross-trained, to search for persons, drugs, explosives and other contraband.

Ohio Deputy Sheriff Laundry - new condition - Responsible for ensuring laundry in the facility is cleaned and distributed according to policy and procedure by directing, coordinating, and monitoring inmates assigned to laundry.

Ohio Deputy Sheriff - Maintenance - new condition - The Maintenance Repair Worker’s major duties involve preventative maintenance and general repair of the buildings that make up the Safety Center and its’ grounds.

Ohio Deputy Sheriff - Mechanic - new condition - The main duties of the mechanic include preventive maintenance and general repair of the agency's fleet (cars, vans and trucks).

Ohio Deputy Sheriff - Mounted Search Volunteer - new condition - The Mounted Search Team is a non-profit organization that volunteers to assist city, county, state and other government agencies in locating lost and/or injured hikers, hunters, adults, children or others in distress.

Ohio Deputy Sheriff Mounted Search Volunteer green

Ohio Deputy Sheriff Mounted Search Volunteer - sub

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